January 2 All Events

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January 2nd, 2008 (January 02 2008)DeathGerry Staley, American baseball player (born in 1920)
January 2nd, 2008 (January 02 2008)DeathHer Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana Krommaluang Narathiwat Rajanagarindra, elder sister of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand (born in 1923)
January 2nd, 2008 (January 02 2008)DeathGeorge MacDonald Fraser, British author (born in 1925)George MacDonald Quotes
January 2nd, 2008 (January 02 2008)DeathLee S. Dreyfus, American politician (born in 1926)
January 2nd, 2007 (January 02 2007)DeathTeddy Kollek, Austrian-born mayor of Jerusalem (born in 1911)
January 2nd, 2007 (January 02 2007)DeathDavid Perkins, Stanford University geneticist (born in 1919)
January 2nd, 2007 (January 02 2007)DeathMauno Jokipii, Finnish professor and World War II researcher (born in 1924)
January 2nd, 2007 (January 02 2007)DeathPaek Nam-sun, North Korean Foreign Affairs minister (born in 1929)
January 2nd, 2007 (January 02 2007)DeathSergio Jimenez, Mexican actor (born in 1937)
January 2nd, 2007 (January 02 2007)DeathDon Massengale, American PGA Tour golf player (born in 1937)
January 2nd, 2007 (January 02 2007)DeathElizabeth Fox-Genovese, American historian (born in 1941)
January 2nd, 2007 (January 02 2007)DeathRobert C. Solomon, American scholar of continental philosophy (born in 1942) Solomon Quotes
January 2nd, 2007 (January 02 2007)DeathDan Shaver, NASCAR driver and ARCA race car driver/owner (born in 1950)
January 2nd, 2007 (January 02 2007)DeathRichard Newton, Australian-born technology pioneer and professor (born in 1951)
January 2nd, 2007 (January 02 2007)DeathGarry Betty, American CEO of Earthlink (born in 1957)
January 2nd, 2006 (January 02 2006)DeathCecilia Munoz-Palma, first female Philippine Supreme Court Justice (born in 1913)
January 2nd, 2005 (January 02 2005)DeathMaclyn McCarty, American geneticist (born in 1911)
January 2nd, 2005 (January 02 2005)DeathCyril Fletcher, British comedian (born in 1913)
January 2nd, 2005 (January 02 2005)DeathEdo Murtic, Croatian painter (born in 1921)
January 2nd, 2005 (January 02 2005)DeathFrank Kelly Freas, American artist (born in 1922)
January 2nd, 2005 (January 02 2005)DeathRonald Bo Ginn, American politician (born in 1934)
January 2nd, 2004 (January 02 2004)EventStardust successfully flies past Comet Wild 2, collecting samples that it will return to Earth two years later.
January 2nd, 2004 (January 02 2004)DeathJess Collins, American artist (born in 1923)
January 2nd, 2004 (January 02 2004)DeathLynn Cartwright, American actress (born in 1927)
January 2nd, 2003 (January 02 2003)DeathEric Jupp, British-Australian pianist, composer, arranger (born in 1922)
January 2nd, 2002 (January 02 2002)EventEduardo Duhalde is appointed interim President of Argentina by the Legislative Assembly.
January 2nd, 2002 (January 02 2002)DeathArmi Aavikko, Finnish singer (born in 1958)
January 2nd, 2001 (January 02 2001)EventSila Calderon becomes the first female Governor of Puerto Rico.
January 2nd, 2001 (January 02 2001)DeathWilliam P. Rogers, American politician (born in 1913)Will Rogers Quotes
January 2nd, 2001 (January 02 2001)DeathTeri Diver, American actress (born in 1971)
January 2nd, 2000 (January 02 2000)DeathPatrick O Brian, British novelist (born in 1914)
January 2nd, 2000 (January 02 2000)DeathElmo R. Zumwalt, Jr., U.S. admiral (born in 1920)
January 2nd, 2000 (January 02 2000)DeathNat Adderley, American musician and composer (born in 1931)
January 2nd, 1999 (January 02 1999)EventA brutal snowstorm smashes into the Midwestern United States, causing 14 inches (359 mm) of snow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and 19 inches (487 mm) in Chicago, where temperatures plunge to -13F (-25C); 68 deaths are reported.
January 2nd, 1999 (January 02 1999)DeathSebastian Haffner, German journalist and author (born in 1907)
January 2nd, 1998 (January 02 1998)DeathFrank Muir, English writer, raconteur (born in 1920)
January 2nd, 1997 (January 02 1997)DeathRandy California, American guitarist & songwriter (Spirit) (born in 1951)
January 2nd, 1996 (January 02 1996)DeathKarl Targownik, Hungarian psychiatrist (born in 1915)
January 2nd, 1995 (January 02 1995)DeathSiad Barre, President of Somalia (born in 1919)
January 2nd, 1995 (January 02 1995)DeathNancy Kelly, American actress (born in 1921)
January 2nd, 1994 (January 02 1994)DeathDixy Lee Ray, American politician (born in 1914)
January 2nd, 1994 (January 02 1994)DeathPierre-Paul Schweitzer, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (born in 1915)
January 2nd, 1993 (January 02 1993)EventLeaders of the three warring factions in Bosnia meet to discuss peace plans.
January 2nd, 1990 (January 02 1990)DeathAlan Hale Jr., American actor (born in 1918)
January 2nd, 1988 (January 02 1988)BirthJonny Evans, Northern Irish footballer Evans Quotes
January 2nd, 1987 (January 02 1987)BirthLoui Batley, British actress
January 2nd, 1987 (January 02 1987)BirthSyesha Mercado, American singer
January 2nd, 1986 (January 02 1986)DeathUna Merkel, American actress (born in 1903)
January 2nd, 1986 (January 02 1986)DeathBill Veeck, American baseball executive (born in 1914)
January 2nd, 1986 (January 02 1986)DeathDick James, English music publisher (Northern Songs) (born in 1920)
January 2nd, 1985 (January 02 1985)BirthHeather O Reilly, American soccer player
January 2nd, 1984 (January 02 1984)BirthColleen Taylor, American journalist
January 2nd, 1983 (January 02 1983)BirthKate Bosworth, American actress
January 2nd, 1983 (January 02 1983)DeathDick Emery, English comedian (born in 1915)
January 2nd, 1982 (January 02 1982)BirthAthanasia Tsoumeleka, Greek race walker
January 2nd, 1981 (January 02 1981)BirthHanno Balitsch, German footballer
January 2nd, 1981 (January 02 1981)BirthRyan Garko, American baseball player
January 2nd, 1981 (January 02 1981)BirthKirk Hinrich, American basketball player
January 2nd, 1981 (January 02 1981)BirthMaxi Rodriguez, Argentine footballer
January 2nd, 1980 (January 02 1980)BirthMac Danzig, American Mixed martial arts combatant Martial Quotes
January 2nd, 1979 (January 02 1979)BirthSuranne Jones, British actress
January 2nd, 1979 (January 02 1979)BirthJonathan Greening, British footballer
January 2nd, 1978 (January 02 1978)BirthToyoguchi Megumi, Japanese seiyuu (voice actress)
January 2nd, 1977 (January 02 1977)BirthAles Pisa, Czech ice hockey player
January 2nd, 1977 (January 02 1977)BirthScott Proctor, American baseball player
January 2nd, 1977 (January 02 1977)DeathErrol Garner, American musician (born in 1921)
January 2nd, 1976 (January 02 1976)BirthHrysopiyi Devetzi, Greek triple jumper
January 2nd, 1976 (January 02 1976)BirthDanilo Di Luca, Italian cyclist
January 2nd, 1976 (January 02 1976)BirthCletidus Hunt, American football player
January 2nd, 1976 (January 02 1976)BirthMahee Paiement, Canadian actress
January 2nd, 1976 (January 02 1976)BirthPaz Vega, Spanish actress
January 2nd, 1975 (January 02 1975)BirthChris Cheney, Australian musician (The Living End)
January 2nd, 1975 (January 02 1975)BirthDoug Robb, American singer (Hoobastank)
January 2nd, 1975 (January 02 1975)BirthDax Shepard, American actor
January 2nd, 1975 (January 02 1975)BirthReuben Thorne, New Zealand rugby union player
January 2nd, 1974 (January 02 1974)EventPresident Richard Nixon signs a bill lowering the maximum U.S. speed limit to 55 MPH in order to conserve gasoline during an OPEC embargo.
January 2nd, 1974 (January 02 1974)DeathTex Ritter, American actor (born in 1905)
January 2nd, 1973 (January 02 1973)BirthLucy Davis, British actress
January 2nd, 1973 (January 02 1973)BirthWill Kirby, American actor
January 2nd, 1972 (January 02 1972)BirthAdam Elliot, Australian animator
January 2nd, 1972 (January 02 1972)BirthChristopher Lennertz, American composer
January 2nd, 1972 (January 02 1972)BirthHristos Meletoglou, Greek triple jumper
January 2nd, 1971 (January 02 1971)EventThe second Ibrox disaster kills 66 fans at a Rangers-Celtic football match.
January 2nd, 1971 (January 02 1971)BirthTaye Diggs, American actor
January 2nd, 1971 (January 02 1971)BirthRenee Elise Goldsberry, American actress and singer
January 2nd, 1971 (January 02 1971)BirthLisa Harrison, American basketball player
January 2nd, 1971 (January 02 1971)DeathWillard Maas, American educator and experimental filmmaker (born in 1906)
January 2nd, 1970 (January 02 1970)BirthRoyce Clayton, American baseball player
January 2nd, 1970 (January 02 1970)BirthRobert Fertitta, American opera singer
January 2nd, 1970 (January 02 1970)BirthSanda Ladosi, Romanian singer
January 2nd, 1969 (January 02 1969)EventLuis Ferre becomes the first statehooder Governor of Puerto Rico.
January 2nd, 1969 (January 02 1969)EventOperation Barrier Reef begins in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.
January 2nd, 1969 (January 02 1969)BirthKarl-Heinz Grasser, Austrian politician
January 2nd, 1969 (January 02 1969)BirthPatrick Huard, Quebec actor and comedian
January 2nd, 1969 (January 02 1969)BirthGlen Johnson, Jamaican boxer
January 2nd, 1969 (January 02 1969)BirthTommy Morrison, American boxer
January 2nd, 1969 (January 02 1969)BirthRobert Svehla, Slovak ice hockey player
January 2nd, 1969 (January 02 1969)BirthChristy Turlington, American model
January 2nd, 1969 (January 02 1969)BirthRobby Gordon, American racing driver
January 2nd, 1968 (January 02 1968)BirthCuba Gooding Jr., American actor
January 2nd, 1968 (January 02 1968)BirthAnky van Grunsven, Dutch dressage champion
January 2nd, 1968 (January 02 1968)BirthEvan Parke, Jamaican actor
January 2nd, 1968 (January 02 1968)BirthGoichi Suda, Japanese video game developer
January 2nd, 1967 (January 02 1967)BirthTia Carrere, American actress
January 2nd, 1967 (January 02 1967)BirthJon Gnarr, Icelandic comedian
January 2nd, 1967 (January 02 1967)BirthFrancois Pienaar, South African rugby player
January 2nd, 1965 (January 02 1965)BirthGreg Swindell, American baseball player
January 2nd, 1964 (January 02 1964)BirthPernell Whitaker, American boxer
January 2nd, 1963 (January 02 1963)BirthDavid Cone, American baseball player
January 2nd, 1963 (January 02 1963)BirthEdgar Martinez, American baseball player
January 2nd, 1963 (January 02 1963)DeathDick Powell, American actor (born in 1904)
January 2nd, 1963 (January 02 1963)DeathJack Carson, American actor (born in 1910)
January 2nd, 1961 (January 02 1961)BirthGabrielle Carteris, American actress
January 2nd, 1961 (January 02 1961)BirthTodd Haynes, American film director
January 2nd, 1960 (January 02 1960)BirthNaoki Urasawa, Japanese manga author
January 2nd, 1960 (January 02 1960)DeathPaul Sauve, Canadian politician (born in 1907)
January 2nd, 1960 (January 02 1960)DeathFausto Coppi, Italian cyclist (born in 1919)
January 2nd, 1959 (January 02 1959)EventLuna 1, the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Moon and to orbit the Sun, is launched by the U.S.S.R.
January 2nd, 1959 (January 02 1959)DeathChris van Abkoude, Dutch-American writer and novelist (born in 1880)
January 2nd, 1958 (January 02 1958)BirthVladimir Ovchinnikov, Russian pianist
January 2nd, 1957 (January 02 1957)EventThe San Francisco Stock and Bond Exchange and Los Angeles Oil Exchange merge.
January 2nd, 1957 (January 02 1957)BirthJoanna Pacula, Polish actress
January 2nd, 1955 (January 02 1955)EventPanamanian president Jose Antonio Remon is assassinated.
January 2nd, 1955 (January 02 1955)BirthTex Brashear, American voice actor
January 2nd, 1954 (January 02 1954)BirthHenry Bonilla, American politician
January 2nd, 1954 (January 02 1954)BirthDawn Silva, American singer (The Brides of Funkenstein, P-Funk)
January 2nd, 1952 (January 02 1952)BirthGraeme Strachan, Australian rock singer (Skyhooks) (died in 2001)
January 2nd, 1951 (January 02 1951)BirthAlexander Pogrebinsky, Russian painter
January 2nd, 1951 (January 02 1951)DeathSir William Campion, Governor of Western Australia (born in 1870)
January 2nd, 1950 (January 02 1950)BirthDavid Shifrin, American classical clarinetist
January 2nd, 1950 (January 02 1950)DeathJames Dooley, Premier of New South Wales (born in 1877)
January 2nd, 1950 (January 02 1950)DeathEmil Jannings, Swiss actor and the first winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor (born in 1884)
January 2nd, 1949 (January 02 1949)EventLuis Munoz Marin becomes the first democratically elected Governor of Puerto Rico.
January 2nd, 1949 (January 02 1949)BirthChristopher Durang, American playwright
January 2nd, 1947 (January 02 1947)BirthJack Hanna, American zoologist
January 2nd, 1947 (January 02 1947)BirthCalvin Hill, American football player
January 2nd, 1946 (January 02 1946)EventUnable to resume rule after World War II, King Zog of Albania abdicates but retains his claim to the throne.
January 2nd, 1946 (January 02 1946)BirthRichard Cole, American tour manager
January 2nd, 1946 (January 02 1946)DeathJoe Darling, Australian cricketer (born in 1870)
January 2nd, 1945 (January 02 1945)DeathAdmiral Sir Bertram Ramsay, British naval commander (born in 1883)
January 2nd, 1944 (January 02 1944)BirthPrince Norodom Ranariddh, Cambodian politician
January 2nd, 1943 (January 02 1943)BirthBar?s Manco, Turkish singer and television producer (died in 1999)
January 2nd, 1942 (January 02 1942)EventThe Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) convicts 33 members of a German spy ring headed by Fritz Joubert Duquesne in the largest espionage case in United States history -- the Duquesne Spy Ring.
January 2nd, 1942 (January 02 1942)EventWorld War II: Manila is captured by Japanese forces.
January 2nd, 1942 (January 02 1942)EventThe United States Navy opens a blimp base at Lakehurst, New Jersey.
January 2nd, 1942 (January 02 1942)BirthDennis Hastert, 59th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
January 2nd, 1942 (January 02 1942)BirthHugh Shelton, 15th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
January 2nd, 1941 (January 02 1941)EventWorld War II: German bombing severely damages the Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff, Wales.
January 2nd, 1941 (January 02 1941)EventWorld War II: The U.S. government announces its Liberty ship program to build freighters in support of the war effort.
January 2nd, 1941 (January 02 1941)DeathMischa Levitzki, Russian-American pianist (born in 1898)
January 2nd, 1940 (January 02 1940)BirthS. R. S. Varadhan, Indian-American mathematician
January 2nd, 1939 (January 02 1939)BirthJim Bakker, American televangelist
January 2nd, 1939 (January 02 1939)DeathRoman Dmowski, Polish politician (born in 1864)
January 2nd, 1938 (January 02 1938)BirthIan Brady, British serial killer
January 2nd, 1938 (January 02 1938)BirthHans Herbjornsrud, Norwegian author
January 2nd, 1936 (January 02 1936)BirthRoger Miller, American singer (died in 1992)
January 2nd, 1936 (January 02 1936)DeathSir Francis Newdegate, Governor of Tasmania, Western Australia (born in 1862)
January 2nd, 1935 (January 02 1935)EventBruno Hauptmann goes on trial for the murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr., infant son of aviator Charles Lindbergh.
January 2nd, 1933 (January 02 1933)BirthEd Casey, Australian politician (died in 2006)
January 2nd, 1933 (January 02 1933)BirthMorimura Seiichi, Japanese novelist
January 2nd, 1931 (January 02 1931)BirthToshiki Kaifu, Japanese politician
January 2nd, 1930 (January 02 1930)BirthJulius LaRosa, American singer
January 2nd, 1929 (January 02 1929)EventCanada and the United States agree on a plan to preserve Niagara Falls.
January 2nd, 1928 (January 02 1928)BirthRobert Goralski, American journalist (died in 1988)
January 2nd, 1928 (January 02 1928)BirthAvie Bennett, Canadian philanthropist
January 2nd, 1928 (January 02 1928)BirthDaisaku Ikeda, Japanese writer
January 2nd, 1925 (January 02 1925)BirthWilliam J. Crowe, American admiral and ambassador (died in 2007)
January 2nd, 1925 (January 02 1925)BirthLarry Harmon, American entertainer and TV producer (died in 2008)
January 2nd, 1924 (January 02 1924)DeathSabine Baring-Gould, English composer and novelist (born in 1834)
January 2nd, 1923 (January 02 1923)EventUnited States Interior Secretary Albert Fall resigns over the Teapot Dome scandal.
January 2nd, 1921 (January 02 1921)BirthGlen Harmon, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 2007)
January 2nd, 1920 (January 02 1920)EventThe Palmer Raids begin in the United States.
January 2nd, 1920 (January 02 1920)BirthIsaac Asimov, Russian author (died in 1992)Isaac Asimov Quotes
January 2nd, 1920 (January 02 1920)DeathPaul Adam, French novelist (born in 1862)
January 2nd, 1918 (January 02 1918)BirthWilli Graf, German anti-Nazi activist (died in 1943)
January 2nd, 1917 (January 02 1917)EventThe Royal Bank of Canada takes over the Quebec Bank.
January 2nd, 1917 (January 02 1917)BirthVera Zorina, German dancer (died in 2003)
January 2nd, 1917 (January 02 1917)DeathEdward Burnett Tylor, English anthropologist (born in 1832)
January 2nd, 1915 (January 02 1915)DeathCarl Goldmark, Hungarian composer (born in 1830)
January 2nd, 1913 (January 02 1913)BirthAnna Lee, English actress (died in 2004)
January 2nd, 1913 (January 02 1913)DeathLeon Teisserenc de Bort, French meteorologist (born in 1855)
January 2nd, 1910 (January 02 1910)BirthSrirangam Srinivasarao, Telugu Poet (died in 1983)
January 2nd, 1905 (January 02 1905)EventRusso-Japanese War: The Russian garrison surrenders at Port Arthur, China.
January 2nd, 1905 (January 02 1905)EventThe American anarcho-syndicalist union known as the Industrial Workers of the World forms.
January 2nd, 1905 (January 02 1905)BirthLev Schnirelmann, Russian mathematician (died in 1938)
January 2nd, 1905 (January 02 1905)BirthLuigi Zampa, Italian film director and screenwriter (died in 1991)
January 2nd, 1905 (January 02 1905)BirthMichael Tippett, English composer (died in 1998)
January 2nd, 1904 (January 02 1904)BirthSally Rand, American fan dancer (died in 1979)
January 2nd, 1904 (January 02 1904)DeathJames Longstreet, American Confederate general (born in 1821)
January 2nd, 1902 (January 02 1902)BirthDan Keating, Irish republican (died in 2007)
January 2nd, 1902 (January 02 1902)BirthBarry Goldwater, American politician (died in 1998)Barry Goldwater Quotes
January 2nd, 1900 (January 02 1900)EventJohn Hay announces the Open Door Policy to promote trade with China.
January 2nd, 1897 (January 02 1897)BirthJim Londos, Greek wrestler (died in 1975)
January 2nd, 1896 (January 02 1896)BirthDziga Vertov, Russian filmmaker (died in 1954)
January 2nd, 1896 (January 02 1896)BirthSir Lawrence Wackett, Australian aircraft engineer (died in 1982)
January 2nd, 1895 (January 02 1895)BirthCount Folke Bernadotte, Swedish diplomat (died in 1948)
January 2nd, 1893 (January 02 1893)EventWebb C. Ball of the General Railroad Timepiece Standards in North America introduces railroad chronometers.
January 2nd, 1893 (January 02 1893)BirthLillian Leitzel, German acrobat and strongwoman (died in 1931)
January 2nd, 1893 (January 02 1893)DeathJohn Obadiah Westwood, British entomologist (born in 1805)
January 2nd, 1892 (January 02 1892)BirthSeiichiro Kashio, Japanese tennis player (died in 1962)
January 2nd, 1892 (January 02 1892)DeathGeorge Airy, British Astronomer Royal (born in 1801)
January 2nd, 1889 (January 02 1889)BirthSir Bertram Stevens, Premier of New South Wales 1932-39 (died in 1973)
January 2nd, 1888 (January 02 1888)BirthTito Schipa, Italian tenor (died in 1965)
January 2nd, 1886 (January 02 1886)BirthFlorence Lawrence, Canadian actress (died in 1938)
January 2nd, 1886 (January 02 1886)BirthApsley Cherry-Garrard, English Antarctic explorer (died in 1959)
January 2nd, 1882 (January 02 1882)EventJohn D. Rockefeller unites his oil holdings into the Standard Oil trust.John D. Rockefeller Quotes
January 2nd, 1877 (January 02 1877)BirthSlava Raskaj, Croatian painter (d.1906)
January 2nd, 1873 (January 02 1873)BirthTherese de Lisieux, French Roman-Catholic nun (died in 1897)
January 2nd, 1872 (January 02 1872)EventBrigham Young is arrested on charges of bigamy for having 25 wives.
January 2nd, 1871 (January 02 1871)EventAmadeus I becomes King of Spain.
January 2nd, 1870 (January 02 1870)BirthErnst Barlach, German sculptor (died in 1938)
January 2nd, 1866 (January 02 1866)BirthProf Gilbert Murray, Australian classical scholar (died in 1957)Al Murray Quotes
January 2nd, 1861 (January 02 1861)DeathKing Frederick William IV of Prussia (born in 1795)William King Quotes
January 2nd, 1860 (January 02 1860)EventThe discovery of the planet Vulcan is announced at a meeting of the Academie des Sciences in Paris.
January 2nd, 1837 (January 02 1837)BirthMily Balakirev, Russian composer (died in 1910)
January 2nd, 1836 (January 02 1836)BirthQueen Emma of Hawaii, Consort of King Kamehameha IV (died in 1885)
January 2nd, 1836 (January 02 1836)BirthMendele Moykher Sforim, Jewish writer (died in 1917)
January 2nd, 1833 (January 02 1833)EventRe-establishment of British rule on the Falklands.
January 2nd, 1833 (January 02 1833)BirthFrederick A. Johnson, American politician (died in 1893)
January 2nd, 1827 (January 02 1827)BirthPeter Semenov of Tian Shan, Russian explorer (died in 1914)
January 2nd, 1822 (January 02 1822)BirthRudolf Clausius, German physicist (died in 1888)
January 2nd, 1818 (January 02 1818)EventThe British Institution of Civil Engineers is founded.
January 2nd, 1808 (January 02 1808)EventThe U.S. Congress bans the importation of slaves.
January 2nd, 1793 (January 02 1793)EventRussia and Prussia partition Poland.
January 2nd, 1791 (January 02 1791)EventBig Bottom massacre in the Ohio Country, marking the beginning of the Northwest Indian War.
January 2nd, 1788 (January 02 1788)EventGeorgia becomes the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution.
January 2nd, 1777 (January 02 1777)BirthChristian Daniel Rauch, German sculptor (died in 1857)
January 2nd, 1757 (January 02 1757)EventThe United Kingdom captures Calcutta, India.
January 2nd, 1727 (January 02 1727)BirthJames Wolfe, British general (died in 1759)
January 2nd, 1726 (January 02 1726)DeathDomenico Zipoli, Italian composer (born in 1688)
January 2nd, 1719 (January 02 1719)BirthJacques-Alexandre Laffon de Ladebat, French shipbuilder (died in 1797)
January 2nd, 1713 (January 02 1713)BirthMarie Dumesnil, French actress (died in 1803)
January 2nd, 1699 (January 02 1699)BirthOsman III, Ottoman Sultan (died in 1757)
January 2nd, 1694 (January 02 1694)DeathHenry Booth, 1st Earl of Warrington, English politician (born in 1651)
January 2nd, 1685 (January 02 1685)DeathHarbottle Grimston, English politician (born in 1603)
January 2nd, 1647 (January 02 1647)BirthNathaniel Bacon, English-born American colonist (died in 1676)
January 2nd, 1642 (January 02 1642)BirthMehmed IV, Ottoman Sultan (died in 1693)
January 2nd, 1557 (January 02 1557)DeathPontormo, Italian painter (born in 1494)
January 2nd, 1514 (January 02 1514)DeathWilliam Smyth, English bishop and statesman (bc. 1460)
January 2nd, 1512 (January 02 1512)DeathSvante, Regent of Sweden (born in 1460)
January 2nd, 1492 (January 02 1492)EventReconquista: Granada, the last Moorish stronghold in Spain, surrenders.
January 2nd, 0533 (January 02 0533)EventMercurius becomes Pope John II, the first pope to adopt a new name upon elevation to the papacy.
January 2nd, 0366 (January 02 0366)EventThe Alamanni cross the frozen Rhine River in large numbers, invading the Roman Empire.

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